Monday, 4 November 2013

A Little Girl's November Lookbook

We are focusing on fur and tartan details this month.

This is little A on her way to school picnic with a teddy bear on an early, dark morning. 

Here we are wearing a Vertbaudet tweed coat with a removable fur collar.

...and here we have a leisure outfit for  rainy days. Little A is wearing  a Ted Baker hat, waterproof jacket, Next tartan dress and Jojo Maman Bebe wellies.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Little Girl's October Lookbook

A sitting on a York wall, enjoying delicious apple juice bought at a cafe right in front of the York Minster. She is wearing a Vertbaudet cardigan, M&S Indigo ditsy print shorts in beautiful autumn colours, berry tights and Start-Rite shoes. 
 At a vintage toy shop window at The Shambles in York. It got a bit colder there, so A put on her lovely coat.
 In a park wearing a Next skirt and Boden boots.

A close-up of the Next ditsy print skirt (the skirt is a great fit, seems to be very comfortable and girly).

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ending the Summer with...

We have ended the summer in style, although some of the last days of school holidays felt rather cold.

And so we have ended the summer holidays with... a Mini Boden pink cardigan

  ...Matthew Williamson's Butterfly lace skirt, Vertbaudet shoes and spotty tights.

 ...Marks & Spencer Indigo jacquard leggings and Mothercare Boots

...well and symbolically, a school jacket with fur hood.

May I take the opportunity to wish you all, especially your little ones, health, happiness and success during the new academic year. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

An Easy Trick to Expand your Little Girl's Wardrobe for Free

Do you wear fingerless mittens? They might very well serve as your girl's legwarmers! 

Amalie's wearing  a Ted Baker hat, Next jumper, H&M shorts, George knitted leggings, La Redoute boots and mummy's fingerless mittens as legwarmers:) 

Wearing Vertbaudet top, H&M tutu, e-Bay tights, Bata in the Czech Republic shoes and mum's fingerless mittens as legwarmers again:) 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Do you want to become a happier mum?

Take a Walk

I walked to collect Amalie from her nursery instead of taking a bus yesterday. There are so many benefits of such a walk! 

Surprisingly, my journey took the same amount of time on foot as on the bus; or even less time as sometimes I have to wait for a bus for as long as 20 minutes; the bus journey takes 15 minutes + it takes another 5 minutes walk from the bus station to Amalie’s nursery = 40 min.

I saved £0.60 as I only bought a ticket to get myself and Amalie back from town. 

My mood improved by 60% (you know how the endorphins work ); I became more patient with Amalie (despite being hungry) and more talkative or let’s just say happy:) 

I reflected on my being a mum, whilst walking; my motherly self-confidence increased as a result (at least for a while) and I also realized what I could do better and was contemplating how I could do it. 

A 30 minutes walk is generally good for my health. My blood circulation has improved and I did not shiver from cold as usually…well, I suppose I could sit here and continue…

Benefits of taking a bus? None. You get stressed, whilst waiting for a bus to come and you must be lucky to get to town in time.

Benefits of driving a car? I know there are some but again - do you not get stressed in traffic?

Well, if there are so many benefits to walking, I suppose we should overcome ourselves and walk more often, would you not agree? ;)

Is it coming or not?!                                                                                                                                   I am not waiting, I'll walk!

Photographs were taken whilst filming our Little Red Riding Hood short film adaptation. Amalie is wearing Clarks shoes, Boots bow print tights, a handmade skirt, George Peter Pan collar t-shirt and United Colours of Benetton red, hooded jacket. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Variations on a Red Coat

I was not sure with which colours could be worn a red coat like Amalie's but I am really happy to have discovered that it looks amazing with burgundy George footless leggings, Next knee high purple and beige socks and Mini Boden purple boots. It is so bright and cute and it matches well together; which is just what I think a child's outfit should look like:)

...Amalie's also wearing an ochre George dress underneath the coat with a long Vertbaudet cardigan (last season) for extra warmth.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A bright girl in a bright, snugly outfit

Although winter has not officially started yet, today was a proper winter day! Little Amalie set off in her M&S Autograph coat (last season), Next mustard  tights and charcoal leg warmers (AW 2012/2013), Vertbaudet lace-up shoes (AW 2012/2013) and Ted Baker hat (AW 2011/2012). 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little Witches' Tea Party

Little A was organizing an early Halloween party and it turned out exceptionally well. 
I collected and  also tried thanks to this party a few interesting and affordable ideas suitable for a preschooler's Halloween party:

We made black cats with glowing eyes as decoration for our windows. Tutorial may be found here. We simplified it and used black cardboard paper instead of panting white paper and making it double sided. 

 Hunted house with windows and the moon glowing in the dark. An idea from another very useful blog.

We also made some magic food; such as witch sandwiches, dirt cups and ordered Gruffalo cupcakes. 

 Gruffalo inspired cupcakes kindly made by Holly's Little Cupcake Company based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. 

Little A making "Dirt Cups; "  using dirt (crushed Oreo biscuits); slime (jelly) and worms (sweets); it was inspired by this recipe, but we simplified it by buying a packaging of ready to eat jelly, so we did not need to cook anything. Extremely easy.

Little A's outfit - we used an ordinary black top, bought a witch hat headband (£3) , broom (£1) and silver cat print tights (£3) in Asda; purple hair in Sainbury's (£3) and we made a no-saw tutu according to this tutorial.

A kind mum complemented the girls' outfits by some scary looking face painting.

And what our activities concerns; everyone made a dirt cup (already mentioned above).
Then we learned a new magic trick (Fill cups with vinegar, say a spell and mix with a spoon of magic powder - baking soda - it will grow and fizzle. Impressive.) 
 Ghost hunt followed: One child after one had to find an angry, colour changing ghost (Sainsbury £8) in our house, which included getting through a giant spider - web (made of tape) and passing many little flying ghosts. Each child had to manage to bring a chocolate mini pumpkin that the ghost had stolen from our kitchen. All succeeded:) 

Little A with the spider-web above her head. 

Then we needed to feed our monster which was painted on a cardboard paper with its mouth cut out and was attached to our table. The inside of the table was the monster's belly. Each child threw several balls (made of newspaper and tape) into the monster's mouth (from distance) and by doing this they earned 
the entry into the witches' lair through the monster's belly.

The witches' lair

Inside the lair

To conlude our party we played "pass the parcel" with many layers of plastic bugs/ insects wrapped inside the parcel:) 

Should you like to get more ideas for a Halloween party for preschoolers, see one of my pinterest boards:) 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wearing the sunny colour:)

Yellow combined with purple colour and yellow with light blue colour - Lovely and bright combination:) Little A loves yellow almost as much as pink!

Throwing pebbles in a park wearing a Vertbaudet coat, Mothercare yellow cardigan and Boden dress. 

Layering: sky blue Vertbaudet roll-neck undersweater. Wearing also an H&M belt. Oh, where is the coat? 

There it is; hanging on a historical remnant of...a wardrobe?

All warmed up:) 

Yes, I know, those shoes...we are still waiting for her boots to be delivered, those would be much more suitable here. Shoes on the photo go better with trousers and attention, unbelievably better with a dress and legwarmers. Anyway, they were purchased at Bata, are high quality and my daughter looks immensely comfortable in them:) 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wearing the Ochre Colour

I have the impression that the colour yellow has really taken off this season in comparison to the last two years, when I kept walking around yellow clothes in shops and although I liked some of it, I was not very confident wearing it. Then I risked it one day. I started wearing ochre yellow with burgundy colour and ochre with purple (my favourite combination) and ochre with dark blue and it worked well.  However, they say that the colour combination below is the best:) What do you think?

Little A's closet includes a winter set in magenta & ochre, I will however leave that for one of my future winter posts:) Here comes Little A wearing ochre dress and retro print leggings (Surprise, surprise - They come both from Goerge!) All is complemented it with Mathew Williamson's  coral corsage belt (SS 2012 collection).

Oh, and I absolutely adore ochre in children's vintage stylized outfits. If that sounds interesting to you too,  have a look at photos at my Pinterest board.  - I have collected quite a few of these outfits:)

Next time: Wearing lemon yellow colour.